Star Youth Association (SYA) is an NGO working for the development of poor and other marginalized people in general and particularly women, children and youth living in the rural parts of Kurnool & Anantapur districts of Andhra Pradesh. This group Joined CHETHANA network in 2014


Chethana, a network of grass root organizations in South India working against hunger and poverty, is a Joining Hands global solidarity partner of the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP-USA) with the Solidarity Campaign group (JHAH) in Sacramento Presbytery as its counter part network in the US that strives to address the inequities and sufferings resulting from the spread of globalization around the world, through community education, advocacy, alternative economic activities, lifestyle changes and spiritual grounding. While the world is organized around a global hegemonic neo-liberal economic order of market determinism, Chethana strives to resist it by being part of a global solidarity that strives to organize the world around Life.

Chethana is engaged with the most of vulnerable sections of Indian society (Dalits, Tribal, Women, Small and marginal farmers). In the past Chethana worked with Bamboo Workers/Rural Artisans, Tsunami Victims etc. Chethana has always been committed to the creation of a just, participatory and sustainable world order. We understand life as sustained in a delicate web of inter-relationships and fullness of life as experienced only in community with the rest of creation. In such a community, equity, participation, sharing, preferential concern for the poorest and the weakest of the earth and protection for all life forms in it are central values.   more.......



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