Tailoring Centre Project

The Tailoring Centre is funded by SEED, USA. Support for Educational and Economic Development (S. E. E. D.) is a 501(c) 3 Charity organization (Tax ID 27-1309131) formed to conduct its charitable activities in the slum areas of India. SEED will treat the aid recipients with the respect and dignity they deserve. SEED will operate in an environment in which the beneficiaries will have self-esteem. By making available quality education and technical training, SEED hopes to provide opportunities for success to slum area residents. The vision of SEED will work to reduce poverty, to improve quality of life and to promote economic development by providing opportunities for underprivileged children and adults in the economically backward areas in India. The mission of SEED is to implement educational and medical care programs with focus on projects that will reduce ignorance, improve literacy and quality of life in economically backward areas of India. The activities of the SEED includes to operate in an honest and transparent manner with integrity, responsibility and exemplary standards, to follow the law of the land and treat all aid recipients equally (will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious affiliation, gender, age and language) and to treat all aid recipients with the dignity they deserve. SEED will operate in an environment in which the beneficiaries will have self esteem.

Before sanction of the Tailoring Centre, a pre-appraisal visit conducted by Br. Syed Mujeebuddin, Hyderabad on behalf of the SEED, USA along with his colleague Br. M. A. Rahiman (Retd. DCTO), Kurnool. Both of us, visited Star Youth Association (SYA), Velugodu on December 25, 2013 and held discussions with Br. S.C. Hassain (President & CEO of SYA) and the Executive Body Members, and also completed desk monitoring. After that, they have also conducted field visits by group discussions with proposed students of tailoring centre and also local college students who are interested in vocational computer courses.

SEED Board of Directors has approved funds for opening a Tailoring Center at Velugodu, Kurnool District, India for ladies on March 13, 2014 and directed start tailoring centre on May 1, 2014. But, SYA requested to start the centre in 1st week of June 2014 due to General Elections in India. After SEED permission, SYA started the centre on June 5, 2014.

The Executive Body of SYA has decided to organise the inaugural function of Tailoring Centre on June 5, 2014 funded by SEED, USA in the premises of SYA Central Office, Velugodu. Ms. R. Lakshmi, Vice president, Star Youth Association (SYA), invited the dignitaries on to the dais and welcomed the staff and students of the centre. Ms. S. Haseenabi, Deputy Mandal Revenue Officer, Govt. of AP, Velugodu Mandal attended to inaugurate the tailoring centre. Mr. M. Abdul Kalam, President of Velugodu Gram Panchayat was presided over the function. Chief Guests Mr. S. Mahaboob Rahiman, Lecturer, Jamiaya Sirajul Uloom Madrasa (Arabic College), Velugodu, and Mr. S. Siddiq Ahammad, President of Anjuman Society, Velugodu attended as Chief Guests of the Function. And also Mr. S.C. Hassain, President & CEO, Star Youth Association (SYA) invited on to dais of the function. First of all, Mr. S.C. Hassain explained about the proposed Tailoring Centre being funded by the SEED, USA. Mr. M. Abdul Kalam, President of Velugodu Gram Panchayat in his presidential remarks said that in the present days women should not depend on the Government for all the needs and wants. The Social organizations like Star Youth Association should come forward to create some facilities for the vocational education of the poor and needy. After the presidential remarks, Ms. S. Haseenabi, Deputy Mandal Revenue Officer, Govt. of AP, Velugodu Mandal inaugurated the tailoring centre. In her inaugural address said that vocational skill is the basic right of human being and everyone is entitled to receive basic livelihoods skills. Deeni Education will give good quality of life. A Person can lessen best culture, knowledge from Deeni education only. Chief Guest Mr. S. Mahaboob Rahiman, Lecturer, Jamiaya Sirajul Uloom Madrasa (Arabic College), Velugodu explained the importance of the tailoring centre and also equal importance of Quran & Deeni Education. According to him the present efforts of SYA to do services to the needy are applauded. Another Chief Guest Mr. S. Siddiq Ahammad, President of Anjuman Society, Velugodu appreciated the commendable initiatives of providing vocational skills to poor women along with Deeni education. Finally, the meeting came to an end with the Vote of Thanks by Mr. S. Ali Hassan, Treasurer of the Star Youth Association.

6 Months Tailoring Course Highlights

  • Eligibility: Girls/Women only
  • Medium of Instruction: Urdu/Telugu
  • Tutorial & Practical Classes: Monday to Saturday, 6 hrs a day with lunch 1 hour breaks
  • (For Students Morning Batch 10 am to 1 pm; Afternoon Batch: 2 pm to 5 pm)
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Programme Fee: FREE

Career Options

  • As a self-employed person starting a small-scale industry
  • As a fashion coordinator in export/domestic industry/buying houses
  • As a Designer for small garment unit
  • As an Embroidery Designer
  • As a Teacher
  • As a pattern designer
  • As a Tailor in any export house

About the Course

The Certificate Programme in Cutting and Sewing is to be offered for girls/women only.


The primary content of the Certificate programme in Cutting and Sewing and course will initially run in asynchronous mode as specified below.

  • Theory and practical work will go together
  • The course will run at the tailoring centers under the supervision of qualified, trained and competent Female Instructor.
  • Female Instructor will be responsible for Course Administration, Conduct of examinations, and continuous evaluation, Conduct of daily practicals, and clearing of all doubts of the students, Arranging and supervising practical work and reading assignments, Setting of quiz and tests, Performing the role of a facilitator/liaison between the students and the SYA Board.


The Certificate holder will acquire the required skills over a period of 6 months. The teaching will be divided into a 80% practical component and 20% theory component. Tailoring Instructor should note that the Certificate programme is to lay full stress on practical aspects as reflected in the ratio mentioned above. Primary purpose of the programme is to enable the students to focus on a particular set of working skills which should lead to a vocation or employment. The evaluation will be done by external as well as internal experts.

What we learn?

In particular, students successfully completing the programme should be able to:

  • Select suitable techniques for stitching garments according to the latest trends.
  • Illustrate and understand various types of garment and would know the techniques used in making them.
  • Stitch various types of garments for children, teenage and adults.
  • Prepare patterns of garments as per requirement
  • Manage the production of different types of garments on the shop floor
  • Set up an entrepreneurial unit




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