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CHETHANA Project: Varities of Dishes with Millets

CHETHANA Project: Health Is better than Income

CHETHANA Project: Change to Cultivation in Organic

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SYA-SPACC-Project, Gooty: My Experience In Farmers Climate School (FCS)

SYA-SPACC-Project, Gooty: Increased Quality Of The Products By Using Organic Manures

SYA-SPACC-Project, Gooty: Maintaining the Status of Nutrients in the Soil

CHETHANA Project: My Seed My Wealth

I am K.Yesaiah; I living at Dharmapuram village in Gooty Mandal of Anantapur District. My main occupation is Agriculture. I have total 5.60 acres of land, in 5.60 acres there are 2 acres of wet land remaining 3.60 Acres of Dry land. I have cultivated vegetables under the bore well there are Tomato, Chilly, Brinjal etc. and in dry land Groundnut is cultivated.

In the same time Star Youth Association (SYA) CHETHANA Project conducted Village level meeting with farmers in Dharmapram village and discussed about main objectives of the Project and importance of Millets cultivation in organic methods in the year of 2015, with less expenditure by using organic material, the village sources which are available, according to this methods increasing Soil Fertility and protect the crops by pests and harmful diseases, to protect Soil, Water, Air, Food and our health pollution we must use organic methods, and not to depend on Companies Seed, so the farmers used his own seeds and stored further cultivation.

In the same time in our village 10 farmers forming a group and accept tocultivate the Millets in organic farming methods, in that Seed Saver Group I also member on that group. I cultivated Korra in my field in 2015 Kharif season, in coming crop yield the grains are stored by using neem leaves in the clay pots, for the uses of house needs, store in further crops in future and the balance yield was sold to the other farmers also. So In my own land which are grows the seeds, I use for my own cultivation and I help to supply of Nutritious food to my family members. According to by this millets cultivation Animals grass and also food Grains are available. At present I cultivate 9 varieties of food Grains in my field. The above mentioned activities encourage and support to SYA-CHETHANA Project field staff. Now I use my own seed to cultivate in my own fields.

SYA-SPACC-Project, Gooty: Increased yields through Land and Water Management Methods

I am N.Srinivasulu hailing from Chetnepalli village of Gooty Mandal. My land is covered in Uppara vanka catchment area. I am a member in the committee looking after climate supervision. I used to actively participate in the village level meetings conducted by the project management about climate adoption methods. As a part of that SYA-SPACC adopted the strategies to cope up with the abnormal changes in the climate, with a special focus on land and water managements during 2013 and 2014.I use to attend CWB (Crop Water Budget) meetings where the leaders and the officers have attended. During the workshop the scientists and the farmers have lot of interaction about the vagaries of weather and the strains that withstand these problems, the various problems that they are encountering related to land and water managements.

I came forward voluntarily to organize SLWM plots as a demonstration. For the last 20 years .I had been cultivating the groundnut and I use to incur heavy loses in the returns of the groundnut resulting in indebtedness.

This SPACC project has assisted to take up this demonstration during 2013 with a special focus on land and water management. As a part of SLW management deep ploughing, soil testing and using appropriate doses of nutrients, inter cultivation, inter crops etc are recommended. In addition to the above practices the dead furrow was created with a spacing of four meter width.In order to reduce the evaporation loses of soil moisture from the soil profile mulching was practiced with ground nutshells. The inter crops like red gram, cowpea and cucumber adopted. As a border crop Bajra is selected. 0.5 acres has been cultivated with the above methods contour cultivation has helped in reducing the erosion. The dead furrow has collected sufficient amount of rain water andsupplied moisture for four furrows on either side. The inter crop has helped to utilize the moisture uniformly from the soil profile by adopting these methods there was a significant increase in the yield of ground nut than previous years.

I am highly thankful to the staff of SPACC project who has guided me although the cultivation of groundnut.



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